We Believe….

  • Good feedback includes first identifying areas of strength and then identifying areas that could use work. Beginning feedback with positivity creates a more welcoming and inclusive environment. (Glows and Grows)
  • In being open and honest about issues that are relevant to our group members. This includes early and frequent conversations about department and group expectations, research ethics, authorship, intellectual contributions, and funding. (Transparency)
  • Every group member’s career trajectory is unique and seek to value those differences by providing individualized opportunities to help each person be successful. This involves understanding each group member’s career goals to tailor experiences accordingly. (Professional Development)
  • Taking the perspective of another, reserving judgement, recognizing emotion in others, and communicating that emotion allows us to connect with one another in an open and honest way, thereby allowing us to feel with people. (Empathy)
  • Curiosity pushes us to explore and discover and makes it possible for us to learn from anyone, anywhere. We see ourselves as life-long learners who are deeply curious about the experiences of chemistry learners, which motivates us as both researchers and as teachers. (Life-long learners)